Vision, Mission, Policy

Nikan Vision
We strive to fulfill our dream of scientific and executive development by gaining the right trade union status as one of the top fifty industrial companies in the next 5 years. We are looking forward to being one of the leading engineering companies in design, development and delivery of new products (aluminum door / window / aluminum facade) over the next 3 years. The realization of exporting all kinds of aluminum doors and windows and aluminum facade products to other countries over the last 5 years, based on CE standard, is also another vision of Nikan Window Engineering Company.
Nikan Mission
having experienced technical personnel and proper operating equipment, Nikan Window Engineering Company is one of the leading engineering companies in designing, manufacturing and installing all kinds of double glazed aluminum doors and windows, glass facade and aluminum composite panel and railing Stainless steel and aluminum works.
In order to fulfill the quantitative and qualitative demands of its customers, Nikan company provides innovative and high quality products and services in a value-added and profitable process, with the focus on organizational learning, continuous process improvement, creativity, innovation and attention to economic growth.

Nikan’s core values
The core values ​​governing the professional activities of Nikan Window Engineering Company are based on the following principles:
• Customer orientation and maximizing customer satisfaction by enhancing the quality of services / products and timely delivery.
• Pay special attention to the human resources of the company as the most valuable assets and develop human resources through continuous training, participatory management system and motivational system.
• Teamwork and team integration.
• Management of knowledge, creativity and innovation.
• Keeping up to date with world-class technical and management standards and keep practicing the establishment, implementation and development in the company.
• Continuous improvement of systems and improvement of company processes in order to increase value and reduce waste.
• Applying world-class technologies in designing, manufacturing and delivering products.
• Compliance with professional standards such as customer information security and confidentiality, law and order and trusteeship.
• Communicating and interacting effectively with all stakeholders of the company (customer, contractor, community, etc.).
• A sense of social responsibility and accountability.

Strategic intentions

In order to achieve its goals in the construction industry, Nikan company considers the following strategies:

  • Partnership with qualified foreign design companies to reduce the risk of error in designing ongoing projects and enhancing technology transfer and experience to the company.
  • Growth and expansion the market for consumer products and also providing services by expanding marketing, sales and market share.
    • Diversify products and services by relying on new technologies, expanding R&D projects and modeling from top global companies.
    • Designing and settling the frameworks for cost and benefit management across all executive and staff units.
    • Development of sale engineering systems, manufacturing engineering, project planning and control.
    • Comprehensive Human Resource Development Planning.
    • Developing the integrated management information systems at company level.
    • Establishing and applying world-class management standards to ensure customer satisfaction in handling complaints, exporting products, improving staff safety and occupational health and reducing environmental pollution (water, air and soil) and preventing and eliminating it.
    • Effective collaboration with quality service providers and the use of experienced contractors in project construction, production and installation activities.

Quality Management System Policy (ISO 9001: 2015)

Nikan is a leading engineering company specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of all types of double glazed doors and windows, glass facades and execution of aluminum composite panel and stainless steel and aluminum fences. This engineering company is committed to improving the quality of products and services, protecting the environment and ensuring the industrial safety of its employees in their business processes, with the continuous establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvement of the quality management system based on ISO 9001: 2008 standard requirements.

 ISO 9001: 2015 has committed itself to following the principles of the quality management system, considering all national and industrial laws and regulations in the field of business activities.

 Its strategic principles are as follows:
• Customer orientation and high customer satisfaction through upgrading the quality of services and products and timely delivery.
• Diversify products and services by relying on new technologies, expanding R&D projects and modeling from top foreign companies.
• Growth and expansion the market for consumer products and services by the development of marketing and sales.
• Development of human resources through constant education, participatory management system and motivational system.
• Creating a safe and healthy environment for staff and all stakeholders with full compliance with relevant principles and rules.
• Constant quality improvement, reduction of energy waste as well as lack of quality deficiency, reduction of safety risks, reduction, prevention and elimination of environmental pollution (water, air and soil).
• Effective collaboration with quality service providers and utilization appropriate contractors in project construction and installation activities.
• Optimization materials, and energy consumption; Prevention energy loss and recycle management.