History of Nikan

Nikan Window Engineering Company the manufacturer of aluminum and double glazed doors and windows, glass and aluminum facades, stainless steel and aluminum fences, Backed by the expertise of executives and the experience of hundreds of projects, is proud to enhance the quality of these products as well as reduce costs and increase the comfort of people at work and in their lives.

Therefore, using standard and high quality raw materials such as profiles, tires and fittings and other consumable requirements and using European machines available at its factory, as well as benefiting from the expertise of top profile designing and producing companies and obtaining representation and their sales and production license has tried to produce and deliver high quality and tasteful products for dear compatriots.

Prior to the formation of Nikan Window Engineering Company, Nikan’s directors and staff had many years of experience in manufacturing door and window and aluminum building facades.

Finally, Nikan executives founded Nikan in 2007(1385 solar year) by launching their first production line of aluminum doors and windows and enjoying many years of experience in various projects.

Since the formation of Nikan, senior executives have been in touch with leading companies in the design and production of European and Turkish aluminum profile systems and after visiting and comparing different systems in year 2011, they obtained exclusive representation from Burak aluminum Turkey to distribute all its products.

In this regard, brands Burak aluminum, Alu line and Burak Bond are registered in all sections of profiles, sheets and doors and aluminum windows in the name of Nikan Window Engineering Co.

And all intellectual property rights such as import, advertising, packaging and sale are exclusively owned by Nikan Window Engineering Co. and any activity in the above mentioned fields in Iran with the above mentioned brands is subject to prosecution.

Since construction products are also important in how they are installed and executed, the company recognizes critical points in the installation and implementation of its products by experienced personnel who will deliver the highest quality of installation in a timely manner. All these processes, including sales, production and installation engineering under the integrated management system, are managed and controlled according to ISO9001 / 2015 standard requirements.

Manufacturing doors and windows by Nikan Window Engineering Co. is done by Italian and German CNC machines, by experienced and trained personnel at Nikan factory site in Abbas Abad Industrial City. This makes the company capable of mass production of all types of windows and building facades.

Consumable profiles are made from raw materials and aluminum alloys from Hydro Norway and Rusal in the Burak aluminum factories, which, in addition to appearance, are highly resistant and tough.

Coatings of profiles used in doors and windows according to the client’s taste and in accordance with the international standards in different colors of anodized or electrostatic powder paint and wood design, which in addition to the appearance, gives higher strength and resistance of profiles.