About Burak Aluminum

Turkish Aluminum Burak company was officially registered in 1984 and started to produce aluminum sheets. The first extrusion machine was launched in 1991 and began producing aluminum profiles.

Developing facilities, the company expanded its equipment by purchasing high capacity extrusion machines in the following years, and was succeeded in establishing powder electrostatic paint factory in 1995.

Its first export was made in 1996, producing profile and aluminum sheets, in compliance with all the required standards of Turkey and the European Union. In 1997, the seventh extrusion line, considering internal and external (domestic and overseas) Turkish market needs, was launched.

After year 2000, Turkish Burak Aluminum Company persist in increasing the quality and quantity of its production activities. Alu-line brand architectural systems were mass-produced and marketed by R&D in 2002.

Production expansion increased the number of sales offices of Turkey’s Burak Aluminum Company in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bulgaria, Romania and more. In 2009, one of Burak Aluminum’s largest projects in the field of high-strength alloy products was approved by Tuba Tac International.

The latest development was purchase of Axan aluminum company in 2012 and its exploitation from producing composite sheet company, named Burak Bound, started.

Currently, Turkish Aluminum Burak complex, is producing and delivering product to 5 continents and more than 36 countries, having over 1100 staff in its factories and offices.

Having departments in designing and producing all design activities in profiles, molding, extrusion, mechanical and heat treatment, electrostatic and anodizing powder painting, this company has taken measures based on high quality European standards.

Each of its products has a quality confirmed certification and Test Report, in particular, to perform its own functional test with the highest standard range.

The production profiles of the company lack asbestos and environmental pollutants and are ranked among the top imported profiles from Turkey.

Technical-executive capabilities of Turkish Burak aluminum
۱٫ Use of European Billets with valid and documented proof of production in aluminum profiles
۲٫ High diversity in color and anodizing of composite panel sheets and aluminum profiles.
۳٫ Desirable and standard technical specifications such as corrosion resistance, weight and… manufactured products
۴٫ Having specialized and trained human resources in design, production and implementation
۵٫ Partnerships with agencies to design project views and monitor their execution processes in large projects
۶٫ Ability to provide specialized sections and technical specifications required by employers (especially increasing color thickness and anodizing quality, specialized curve profile production services)
۷٫ Monitoring  agencies and monitoring customer satisfaction of purchasing Burak products from agencies.